Position Opening – Operations Organizer

Makom invites applications: be our Operations Organizer!

Makom is a Jewish community in the Triangle region of North Carolina rooted in collective liberation, the lands we live on, and a wellspring of Jewish traditions. We are anti-Zionist and boldly led by queer and trans people. All Jewish people and beloveds are welcome to join in creating spaces for ritual and practice, joy and celebration, mutual support, and learning.

We are now hiring for our first Operations Organizer, having worked to craft a staff role that honors our collective and collaborative desires to tend to peoples’ belonging, attune to what the community needs, connect to the Torah that is the medicine for meeting the community’s needs, and live into the community we claim to be above. This job exists alongside that of a Rabbi, and we see both roles as equally important to the life of the Makom community.

To apply, please email a cover letter and resume to info@makomtriangle.org by 12 noon on Friday, July 26th. Candidates must live in NC or be willing to spend significant time in the Triangle. We envision this job beginning on August 1, 2024, with some flexibility depending on the candidate’s schedule.

Role and Responsibilities of the Operations Organizer (an average of 20 hours/week, fluctuating based on Jewish calendar)

Administrative tasks:

  • The Operations Organizer, in collaboration with an Admins team, will hold a big-picture view of Makom community operations. Together, they will bottom-line or find and train community members to be responsible for each of the following ongoing administrative tasks:
    • Accounting related tasks, including processing contractor payments and reimbursements, ensuring credit cards are not bouncing, checking the mail, depositing checks, payroll
    • Maintaining Makom’s insurance policy
    • Maintaining Makom’s 501c3 status
    • Updating/maintaining the database
    • Updating/maintaining the mailing list
    • Responding to the general community email inbox and direct queries to lay leaders when relevant
  • Meet with F&F every other month to ensure the team is on track with budgeting and fundraising (including grant applications)
  • Meet with membership team every other month to support with lay leadership development and support
  • Work with members of the Communications team to curate and send out weekly email
  • Work with the rabbi to support the logistical needs related to the High Holidays

Community organizing and development:

  • Offer 45 min one-on-one or group meetings with members of the community to discuss projects, feedback, ideas, especially related to community systems and structures, or to connect them with the appropriate team (up to 6/month)
  • Write 6 monthly (roughly every other month) updates to the community about their work as Operations Organizer
  • Attend bi-monthly supervision meetings (roughly 6/year, more if needed)

Potential community organizing and development projects based on experience and interest:

  • Co-lead the Membership team
  • Co-facilitate Coordinating Committee (CoCo) meetings with the CoCo facilitator
  • Build out Communications team that will contribute to newsletter, generate social media presence, maintain website
  • Collaborate with CoCo and F&F to explore options for space (develop short, mid, and long term plans for space to run events)
  • Work with lay leaders to develop systems and protocols for providing community care and mutual aid within Makom and the broader community

Additional Support for Projects in Development:

  • Participating as a member of CoCo in central projects and responsibilities that should be held across community/teams. Work with Rabbi to audit progress and practices of these things with CoCo:
    • accessibility (implementing disability justice based access practices)
    • accountability (addressing instances of harm, either personal or institutional; responding to needs for conflict resolution within the community; being a multi-racial and majority white group living on Turtle Island)
    • mutual aid and community support
Compensation and Benefits
  • Salary: $3,750 per month for 10 months, starting August 1, 2024 and ending May 31, 2025.
  • The supervisory team and hiring team will schedule a December 2024 check-in to evaluate or amend this plan. Depending on fundraising outcomes, we may offer the option to work an 11th month, but the decision about whether to accept that will be up to the employee. We will discuss in December 2024 whether we are able to offer the option of an additional paid month of work in June 2025.
  • 2 weeks of paid time off, which can be taken in increments starting at 1 day at a time
  • Sick days: If the operations organizer gets sick, we want them to be able to take care of themselves. Thus, we are committed to paying their salary while they recover. The staff supervision team will support them in organizing changes to their schedule and commitments due to illness as well as scheduled medical procedures.
  • Comp time: The operations organizer can accrue up to 5 hours/week of comp time that has to be used within the month. In other words, working 25 hours one week means the ability to work 15 hours the next; if they work 25 hours a week for a month, then the next month they work 15/hours/week. They are never expected to work a 30 hour work week.
  • This position does not offer health insurance, a retirement plan, or funding for professional development opportunities.