What does it mean to be a member?

Membership in this community is rooted in an ethic of hiyuv. Hiyuv, a Jewish concept that loosely translates to obligation, speaks to our shared commitments to each other as a core practice of being in sacred community together. Our membership model seeks to live out the practice of hiyuv in a way that helps us live more sustainable lives, rely on each other outside of nuclear families, and build familiarity and connection with one another without placing a sharp boundary around who is inside or outside of our community. This is an invitation to reclaim obligation to its interdependent meaning and share what brings us joy, rather than experiencing it as a burden or just one more thing we have to squeeze into our already overwhelming lives.

The contributions of every member–a combination of membership dues, mutual aid, and volunteering for the community–create this community. In other words: the people get the community they build. We need each other, and in practice this includes:

  • Financial contributions: On a sliding scale, members contribute dues that sustain the community.
  • Commitment to community: Every member commits to take at least one small action each year to help the community run. This could be in support of community-wide programs, or community care and mutual aid.
  • Programming: Members make our programs run. You might lead a game for kids, set up chairs for a gathering, serve on a planning team, lead a service or song circle, make an anchor dish for a potluck, etc.
  • Care and mutual aid: Members support others in our community. You might sign up for a mealtrain to bring food to someone who is sick, call to check on someone, contribute to someone’s rent, sit in on an accountability process for someone, etc.
  • Asking for what we need: As we build this as a community of care, you are encouraged to ask for what you need, to invite the community in to support you.
Who can be a member?

All people who want to join our community and who live, work, go to school, organize, or are rooted in this area are welcome to join Makom. Community members who are part of other religious spaces are welcome to join, and our membership is not restricted to Jews. Membership is open to those who are 12 and older.

What are tangible responsibilities and benefits of joining Makom?
  • Members have a voice and a vote in key community decisions.
  • Members may serve on the Coordinating Committee, Board of Directors, and our community teams.
  • You’ll be added to our announcements email list. We send emails with events and other announcements about once/week. The email includes a calendar of upcoming events, including Shabbat services, kids programming, holiday gatherings, classes, and other community events.
  • As a member, you’ll be added to a members-only email listserv, which members can use to communicate with each other.
  • Members and their loved ones may receive pastoral care from our Rabbi.
  • Members and their loved ones can attend community events and youth/educational programming; most events will be open to members and non-members, but if space is limited, priority may be given to members.
What is the cost of membership?

Our membership sustains our community and it is essential that money not be prohibitive to joining Makom. Financial contribution does not determine access to or depth of membership. We use a sliding scale model and allow individuals to determine the amount of their “sustaining contribution” to our community. Sustaining contributions start at $0/month and go up to $250/month per adult. Find more details about our sliding scale model here.

Dues cover costs like food, space rental, childcare, ritual supplies, Rabbinic salary and operating costs. The leadership of the Finance and Fundraising team is happy to discuss more about the budget with any interested members.

To join as a member, fill out the membership form here!
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